Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Crypton 1998

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Crypton 1998

Agung Ismanto so smart search capers or attention primarily to the consumer. Em-Plus crew even had time to be fooled by the manipulation of the motor modifications behavior who once appeared on the Em-Plus.

Long story short, this Yamaha Crypton Yamaha's first champion in the arena of the region I Mofest two years ago in Yogyakarta. At that time, he also became one of the final contestants in Semarang Mofest second one represents the region of Eastern Indonesia.

But as time went on, the motor is initially patterned pearl white with maroon striping, basic change already sporty. And now, ride now, by bringing screen brighter screen plus orange streaks of gray in a few ornaments.

"Overall, there was no basic change in the motor. Only the color is made more challenging. My hope this change could attract consumers interested in home modification work Endok Ceplok Modified. Although with a little alteration, "hope of the village of Great Ngadiretno, RT 17/01, Taman Supreme, Muntilan Magelang, Central Java.

Orange appointed Supreme challenging so dominant all over the cover body.The position of the gray line of sweeteners remain in the middle of the cover, under the seat and rear sepatbor. Even the same color also poured on the swinging arm is also an engine block.

"If it was a small emblem on the wing garputala side. Now contrived larger dimensions. Likewise side engine block, chrome paint combined impressions let elegant, "continued the Grand paint a striped rim.


Front tire: Black Stone 90/80
Tyres rear: 120/80 Black Stone
Rim: Enkei
Airs next: R-Pro Swing Arm: R-Pro
Bodi: X-1 CustomSetang: X-1 R
Rear lights: Kawasaki KLX 150 LED

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