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Along the development of an increasingly plagued matic drag, then the participants in the most prestigious classes FFA (Free For All) is also more and more and dared to make a breakthrough. Moreover, a trend that often limits the capacity of CC present in various racing celebration karapan between alternatives s / d 350 cc or s / d 400 cc.

Anyway, in the context of the volume of the cylinder had a significant effect of boosting the automatic transmit power kudabesi this. As well as strategic decisions YSS team RFT Riftech Jakarta Racing Team who escorted Ayip Rosidi jockey.

"Our main principle is creating a cylinder which approximates the volume of regulation. Onwards, walking, research conducted to find the best nick of time, "said team manager Dony Muchtar bolt based on Jl. Kramat Asem Gede RT. III RW.IV No. 2 Utan Kayu, East Jakarta. The bore-up to touch the number 350 cc engine. Classified as extreme as well, because it is still rarely like this. Most play in the range of 250 cc to 300 cc. Info at a glance only, Fino's own TDR Racing has the best time 7.4 seconds (201 M) chose a range of safety with a 300 cc engine specifications in step in which the piston 87.9 mm and 66 mm.

Return to the original question. "Values were obtained from 350 cc overstroke reached 91 mm and 70 mm diameter piston," explained Mark Muttaqin as a mechanic who also backed dragster M Hambali who was aged 16 years. Seteleh, gede combustion chamber is much more than standard conditions (113 cc), then logically required flow more fuel. This is absolutely legal. In this context, applied Keihin PE Carburetor 28th mm, which is the best choice many tuners who played in the FFA.

"Venturi is slightly enlarged with a reamer of about 3 mm to lepih optimal," Arif added Muttaqin added that the use of the six roller weighing 12 grams. When otre do some kiliker opinion polls, they agreed not to adopt more gambot karbu menu again for reasons that only 201-meter track. If too big expense will be increasingly under the rotation. It's risky. So more ekfektif with PE 28. The story onwards, after the fuel flow and air volume is designed with more compact, high-compretion the next agenda. Membat high pressure gas that burns more maximally active.

Comparison of compression touch 13: 1 and is still safe from the symptoms or ngelitik knocking. Finally, the camshaft which regulates the traffic of active gas will re-up duration dikompresikan digerinda there at 272 degrees on the sides in and exnya 280 degrees. Noken as it works to move the valve combination valve-in gede 36th outnya mm and was 31 mm and 11.3 mm lift up kelp. Once clear from these data, the character who wants to create more focus on efforts to boost the peak-performance. The end result, kudapacu Fino is the best time recorded in figure 7.6 seconds in 201 meters track event at Jogjakarta dragbike some time ago. Just wait for the next surprise. .: Ogy

Carburetor: Keihin PE 28, MAIN JET: 140, PILOT JET: 48, the valve: 36/31 mm valve LIFT: 11.3 mm, RATIO: 19-38, ROLLER: 12 grams (6), CDI: Yamaha Fino, Exhaust: TDR Racing

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